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18 definitions by Stella

Mother's little helper
What I take in the morning to counteract the xanax I took to sleep.
by stella March 05, 2005
339 175
British band fronted by Carl Barat and Pete Doherty. Their songs often contain traces of The Clash, The Buzzcocks, The Jam, and The Smiths. Very mythic history and an even more unstable future, it seems. Gayest "straight" band in rock, according to the NME.
The Libertines are so fucking gay - but in a good way.
by stella April 10, 2004
165 26
something that smells horribly bad, or disgusting
farts are rank
by stella February 13, 2004
141 118
Someone who has sex with one person after another within the same crowd.
Jen is a known sex drifter.
by Stella September 24, 2002
16 6
One who is married to someone of the opposite sex but is a homosexual.
That Ted isn't pulling one over on us. Everyone knows he's ring gay!
by Stella September 24, 2002
17 7
The act of making one's already naturally beautiful self presentable in the morning or to go out.
Go get yourself prettiful so we can go shopping.
by Stella February 03, 2004
21 12
Person with an extra large ass
That chick has the biggest fart tank I've ever seen!
by Stella September 24, 2002
9 0