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Sexual Position: The male is standing and receiving a BJ from a female who is standing and bent over. The male reaches back and puts his middle finger in her butt hole and lifts up as any good tow truck would.
Yo, i banged that ho last night and hit her with a Russian Tow truck.
by steev-0 March 15, 2011
A female who changes everything about her lifestyle, i.e. music preference, night life, clothing, just to suit the life of the male
That chick is just a transformawhore, don't believe anything she says.
by steev-0 February 17, 2009
Someone who gives free, unskilled handjobs to strangers. Usually while intoxicated.
Skeezy Shelley is one dirty Dilly Whacker!
by steev-0 February 16, 2009
a bitch ass person, male or female, with red hair.
That bitch is a dirty CUNT Q-TIP!
by steev-0 February 16, 2009
a crack whore
That bitch is a strung out skeezer.
by Steev-0 July 27, 2009
A sexual position in which the male is standing with feet wide apart while holding the female by the legs, one in front, one in back, as she is hanging upside down she does a lot of gyration in order to obtain sexual pleasure.
That freaky gymnast that i banged is crazy, we even did the Alabama Crab Dangle.
by steev-0 July 29, 2009

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