2 definitions by Steege

1. Broiled cheese on toast

2. A dev for The Matrix Online who frequents the game's forum

3. Kinda sounds like rabbit
1. I had some rarebit for breakfast this morning.

2. Rarebit ate some n00bs for breakfast this morning.

3. When asked if his name had anything to do with the white rabbit from The Matrix, Rarebit turned into a giant broiled cheese on toast, and ate him.

by Steege February 12, 2006
An abbreviation for hovercraft, used particularly in the Matrix universe, including The Matrix Online.
Morpheus and gang hung out on the HvCFT Nebuchadnezzar... until it got blown to shit in Reloaded.

With the new truce between the Machines and Zion, the HvCFT Revenant was recommissioned upon Captain Foxxdie's request.
by Steege October 26, 2005

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