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The action when you do not have any tissues left and you hands free forcefully blow the built up snot out of your nose and on to the ground.
"Dude do you have any more tissues?"

"Bro, just splonch on the ground over there"
by Steeb May 07, 2013
taken from the legend himself, Matt Swaby. Means sumthing or someone is "pretty 'fly' for a white guy"
Steve said to Jo that Bill was looking kinda 'Swaby'
by steeb February 11, 2003
someone that sells tits
Jim decided he was going to be a titmonger when he grew up.
by steeb February 11, 2003
A loser who thinks they are the shit, dressed down with sagging pants, a high need for a belt, too much gold to make the national reserve jealous, and an attitude that stems from not having parents who knew how to refrain from the use of crack cocaine.
by SteeB October 26, 2003

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