Top Definition
A person who absolutely adores tits.
"He's a titfreak!"
"He's a complete titmonger!"
by February 22, 2005
Someone who barders, or hagles TITS. They sell them and try to get better prices.
You frikkin tit monger, your pathetic!
by Niokka September 10, 2006
One who barters or sells tits. Seller of tits
John Smith is the biggest titmonger west of the Mississippi
by Hugh g. Rection52 April 13, 2010
A person whih inexplicably adors tits.
Jerry is total titmonger becuase he can't stop thinking about them
by February 22, 2005
someone that sells tits
Jim decided he was going to be a titmonger when he grew up.
by steeb February 11, 2003
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