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Pai Nai is the Thai for "Where are you going?" (literally "go where?")
Pai Nai?
Pai kin bia.
Pai duay.
by Ste March 31, 2005
hartlepool term for why aye!
comin down the pub?
well aye!
by ste January 06, 2005
American word for "tit" usually has the words "ohm ohm" before it
by Ste September 14, 2003
slang word for a wooly hat worn in the winter, comes from Hartlepool, North East England
nice dut mate!
nice aint it!
by ste December 28, 2004
True Norwiegan Black Metal
ITS PRONOUNCED "Dih-Moo--Borg-Ear"
by Ste September 14, 2003
A word spoken by "Eskimo Bob" and "chocobos"
A feeling of happiness, relief and bread
Also is a witty remark, used randomly
Eskimo Bob : KWEH!!!
Karl : HUH?
Eskimo Bob : KWEH?
by Ste September 14, 2003
Old geezer from computer lobby 3. Takes it up the arse from Dave!!
by ste April 16, 2003

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