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The absolute ultimate comeback. Can be used in any situation, with a maximum final effect.
Sam: "you are a cockbite"
Alistair: "yeah, that's what your mum said last night!"
*sam slaps alistair*
by Static November 10, 2003
The stuff that sticks to the sides of the toilet bowl and under the seat following a butt explosion.
My wife had to take a hammer and chisel to the bowl clay after that poo.
by static February 17, 2004
n. A person who balences on their doodle
"That guy is such a spadoinka! Just watch him spadoink!"
by Static November 24, 2003
Mother Fucker who is frequently assisting mum with her juices. I cannot begin to describe just how fast those juices begin to flow, after 2 minutes you cannot even see the floor any more.
"Yo, Nelson, check the fraal out, Ihaven't seen your mum that happy since last night!
by Static July 22, 2003
A stupid noob how can skin a peice of shit and loves teh buttseks from his bearded mom
maj.hawke is a noob and loves buttseks from his mom
by Static June 19, 2004
Kuni originates from Japan, bridging the two words 'Ku' which means silly and 'ni' which means woman. Often used in old Japanese stories to describe old women, who normally have an infatuation for cats.
"Bloody Kuni just bought hamster food for her cat"
by Static October 12, 2004
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