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a controlled growth of bacteria
culture: people assume they are part of a culture, they are right

culture: many bacteria don't assume they are, but they are
by Standing Down November 01, 2007
Something so damn hideous it must be changed every season to spare our eyes, unfortunately not our wallets.
Anyone still wear parachute pants? Yeah - didn't think so. There goes a hundred bucks dimwit, fashion at its best I'm sure.
by Standing Down August 25, 2007
any point facing and heading the opposite way of gravity. since the phrase "over and above" is a bit hard to apply to this, zenith has been referred to a point above something that might block its direct "connection" to the center of the gravitational pull.

...I assume, based on what I was taught.
you are standing on the earth, your "connection" to the earth is your feet, the very, very tip of your head is where zenith arises and moves "upwards."
by Standing Down August 17, 2007
the one thing that no one can truly define, but all are ecstatic to feel.
Sign of love: when the heart is full the lips are silent.
by Standing Down December 16, 2007

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