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just a squirrelly nig that has no special importance
Oh look at that niggaboo he's dancing a jig.
by Squirrel Nipps November 29, 2004
its where you flop your testicles on their forehead and pull your penis from their forehead to their chin, to resemble a roman facemask.
So this bitch came in with this roman facemask and she scared the shit out of my nephew and he shit a brick....bitch!!!
by Squirrel Nipps January 01, 2005
a crusty clown is similar to a dirty sanchez but instead of just a mustache you put a poop ring all around the mouth and on the nose, to look like a clown
BAAAAMMM!! I just gave that bitch a crusty clown and now she's scaring the kids.
by Squirrel Nipps December 12, 2004
The practice of pooping while hovering over the toilet.
Ahh damnit! This toilet has shit all over it! I guess I'll just have to kangaroo shit...
by Squirrel Nipps November 29, 2004
a couple of little red fellas waiting to be fucked with.
so my dad liked to fuck munchins but my uncle is a knome so we found a median and just twist squirrel nipps.....flava flav!!!
by Squirrel Nipps January 01, 2005

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