17 definitions by Squid

Very ridiculous, worse than retarkulous or redonculous
You borrowed my car without asking and then wrecked it? That's rejerkulous
by squid September 26, 2003
The name of a very special girl, with talent and humour and a great body.
I knew a girl called tiggy she was great. And how many people get there own name named after them, and you say im lazy !
by Squid January 14, 2004
To give birth.
Has your missus dropped yet?
by squid August 18, 2003

somebody who devotes more than a 40th of their life to something and regards it as gods gift. They will be so devoted that even when u do finally convince them that its bad or horribly wrong, they will still keep their dedication. ignorance is bliss
plays counterstrike 24/7
is unable to speak or respond in real life while counterstriking
runs to toilet to take a piss and runs back in under 10 seconds
by Squid August 01, 2003
he anally rampages goats on a daily basis, and performs oral sex on the goats.
Ravenisagoatfucker just look at the goats all run away in terror.
by squid January 29, 2004

One who's intelligence is likened to excrement.
Bitches be all ass-shats!
by Squid December 16, 2003
The best game on the web!!
I am the 1337 n00b at ogame!
by Squid March 15, 2005
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