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The off spring of a coupling of Glen and Jane on a full moon. The creature arrived on a quarter eclipse of the moon and went on to survive in a large tank, prodded and observed by the medical elite for many years. In later years it slowly disintegrated and now exists in an empty marmite jar with just a few centimetres of flipper and an eye lid surviving.
I took Nelgenaj some plant food at the weekend, but it had no appetite
by Squapstars+ October 23, 2011
After a weekend of mind altering activities, the realisation that you are not clever, attractive or funny. You revert to the rather useless creature you were on Friday. The Monpression kicks in and you sink into despair and depression.
I need either my life or Monday to end really very soon, this Monpression is deep
by squapstars+ October 17, 2011
A sports wear clad chav, a frequent guest on Jeremy Kyle. He has 4 children aptly named Init, Safe, Sorted and Asbo. A lover of Burberry knock offs and uses his signing on card as ID. The oracle of where to find all drugs under £10 and how to impregnant teenage girls who have a life long ambition to have a council flat.
When Jeremy Kyle asked the Chavacle his understanding of DNA he replied "dont nob arses"
by Squapstars+ October 17, 2011

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