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To say "That is the shit!" in idiot form.

Which means that something is great, not that it is crap, or poo, or fecal matter.

Why shit can be a good thing, I don't know
Don't be Hatin' y'all cause I am the Shiznit! Not crap!
by SpringLoaded November 30, 2003
Very bland, boring hair, that a very religious person cut off from society would have, or an extremely innocent or sheltered person.

Characterized by it being long, frizzy-curly, and slightly mullet-y.
"That girl never wears any makeup, and she has MARY HAIR TOO!"
by Springloaded June 30, 2005
The act of sticking your middle figer in the air to say "Fuck you" to deaf people.
They gave me the finger!
by SpringLoaded July 12, 2003
How gay ass wankstas spell fart.
Man, I like pharted yesterday, it was SO PHAT!
by SpringLoaded July 12, 2003
From (Or inspired from) The Tom Green song "Pet names for Genitalia"

A penis.
Because it slaps your knees, if you're horribly unproportioned.
Peggy Sue called me a Knee Slapper instead of a dick today.
by Springloaded June 06, 2004

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