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Rovefest is an alternative holiday to Christmas Day that is celebrated on the 25th of December to commemorate the birth of Karl Rove. It is not a genuine celebration of Karl Rove, but a satirical celebration that takes advantage of the hilarious coincidence that he shares a birthday with Jesus Christ and is therefore designed to mock the reinvigoration of conservative American politics of which Karl Rove has been a major architect.
Rovefest is typically characterised by a night of singing, dancing and vote-rigging of a wet T-shirt contest (or any other such contest in the spirit of Rovefest).
Forget stocking-stuffing and get ballot-box stuffing! It's Rovefest!

The date for Rovefest has now been set in stone, like a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Those who choose to abstain after being invited to Rovefest shall be blackballed, overtaxed, civilly-united and condemned to eternal damnation.
by Springbok27 February 21, 2009
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