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noun; someone who is a clutz or not quite the brightest person you've ever met; dimwit, knucklehead

noun; a term used to insult a person on their inability to accomplish a certain task or action or to draw attention to the fact that they have failed.
"Nick and Scott, I can't believe y'all suck so bad at Call of Duty. You bunch of pudnuggets."

"Hey nice job catching that ball you only missed by 10 feet you pudnugget."
#retard #idiot #moron #clutz #dumbass #dipshit #dipstick #grandma sniffer #imbecile #dodo #blockhead
by Spray N Pray March 31, 2010
When someone both possesses and uses their massive hypothetical kahunas. Commonly found in people who take risks or face potential danger that others would not. Basically balls of steel.
Thomas: "There's no way the bus driver is going to keep making this turn. He will Have to back up"

Tyler: "No, this guy has kahunism. He might hit them, but he's not stopping."
#balls #boldness #fearless #risk-taker #champion
by Spray N Pray April 04, 2011
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