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The sensual scent of a woman,similar togoddessy smell that excites a man sexually.
My Destiny is so deenalicious,that it's driving me crazy with lust
by Spotsaneed June 13, 2004
The pleasure a true cunnilinguist gets from the taste of a woman.
The sexual joy of taste and smell.
When I perform oral sex with my lover, it's not only very cunnilicious,it's also very deenalicious
by Spotsaneed June 13, 2004
The male equivalent of a cougar.An older man who gives a younger woman the ultimate in sexual fulfillment.
ohh my spotsaneed gave me such a wild orgasm again and again.
spotsaneed made me his destiny to fulfill and satisfy.
by Spotsaneed June 13, 2004
The feeling of panic,when playing Pogo Show Biz Slots 2 and the slot machine sudDENly spins wildly out of control.
Ohh no I'm spin stuck,woo this is so deena
by Spotsaneed June 13, 2004
International Federation Of Father Fuckers.
See Fatherfucker
People into Rap/Hip Hop seem to get really annoyed when someone says Fatherfucker. Not any more offensive than the term Motherfucker
Are the Mother Fuckers ready for the Father Fuckers - a line from the Album "FatherFucker" by Peaches.
by Spotsaneed June 14, 2004
Two people the are stalking each other. Their usually found in Chat Rooms, talking very sexually suggestively to each other. Often talking in obsure sexual innuendoes understood only by them.
See: stalker stalking
We're such Stalker Talkers,
Him:maybe we should find a place to root downand see how deenalicious you really are my destiny.
Her:Ohh yes my spotsaneed, your on top again.......ohhh lmao
by Spotsaneed June 14, 2004
To have sex in the woods. To get naked in the forest and having wild animal sex.
My girlfriend and I go out to the wilderness to root down
by Spotsaneed June 13, 2004

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