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AIA is an acronym for Alcohol Induced Amnesia
I'm suffering from AIA. I had so much straw rum last night, everything is a blank. It's like I've had an alien abduction. AIA baby! I woke up in the parking lot with my pants on my ankles and have no idea what happened between the hours of 11pm and 3am.
by SpotMaster August 01, 2007
ok, well u know when u're walking in the shops, or just just walkin in general, with lots of people around... sometime u get those guys walking RIGHT behind u, right up your ass, they want to pass, but they don't say anything. that's an ass master!

there's an ass master behind us, lets let him pass
by SpotMaster August 29, 2006
hippo is a nickname you give someone who is a complete hypocrite. they preech to you about something so uncool so intensly, and do that exact uncool thing. this nick works even better if they're starting to grow a double chin
Hey Hippo. How's it hangin?
by SpotMaster April 12, 2007
Cappapoei is used as a cute alternative for those that don't know how to pronounce Capoeira (the Brazilian martial arts form)
Hey, are you going to cappapoei tonight? Have fun!
by SpotMaster July 10, 2008
A cute way to tell someone they're full of shit. A pooh pooh bear is someone who doesn't want to join in the fun, can't make it for some reason, has a bullshit excuse, flake, boring, a drag
Don't be such a pooh pooh bear, come party with us tonight :)
by SpotMaster July 13, 2008
You can't really describe it. It is the feeling you have the morning after the night before. You don't even know you have it but everyone else knows you do!
You have a severe case of jabulitis
by SpotMaster November 14, 2012
An apprentice or a hero/ine in the making. A person that is still not at that jedi level yet, but is destined for greatness
Nice one young yoda, you shall soon be a master of disguise
by SpotMaster July 13, 2008

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