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The word that makes sex rape.
Lets fuck.
by Spoiled May 12, 2003
A group of people that set a standard and everyone that is affected by that standard is part of it...
The american society is fucked.
by Spoiled July 05, 2003
John Cassavetes, an independant film director....

Also a song by Le Tigre (talking about him)
¿Whats your take on Cassavetes?
by Spoiled January 16, 2004
Website for people with low self-esteem to post their pictures for other people to say they look pretty.
My hot or not rating is 9, im so cool!
by Spoiled May 12, 2003
A PK server for the game Asherons Call, used to be for the cool, hardcore and bad asses. Now its full of carebear trash that has migrated from nonpk servers in order to increase the ePenis size... They act hardcore but arent.
"Wataf we can curse on this DT message board? Im so effing hardcore ub4h l33t i play teh DT mo fugga"

"Sit the fuck down noobie, you arent shit... You missed the fun in 00 while you were emoting on Frostfell"
by Spoiled February 03, 2004
The word for dog...
Doggahs beat the shit outa cats.
Lucy smeared peanutbutter on her clit so the doggah could pleasure her
by Spoiled May 18, 2003

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