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17 definitions by Spider

the police
"shit the feds r cumin run!"
by spider June 17, 2004
7 11
shortened way to say.
Lets go eat
Yo Dog I'm hungry squeet aight
by Spider January 05, 2004
14 18
When one commits the act of jerking off his genitalia in a jar of crunchy peanutbutter and gets a nut stuck up in his ureathra.
I was rubin one out in the peanutbutter but then I had to call it quits cause the Nutty Professor walked in.
by Spider November 16, 2004
7 12
a term meaning testicles, gonads, or nuts.
And I will say; Crickey, take a look at those whirlygigs. They're hudge!
by Spider November 16, 2004
3 8
To feel extreme embarassment, rejection, etc. (See also bump)
(a.) "I bet you felt pretty bumpy after Amy slapped you". (b.) "When Joey slipped and fell, that was the bumpiest thing I've ever seen!"
by Spider July 24, 2004
11 22
A place in cyberspace where mods, scooterboys and others with an interest in motor scooters meet to exchange jocular banter on the meaning of life (and the weather in Norway).
Catch you on scooter-forums mate. Better that than scooterboy-world. Oh and what's the weather like in Norway?
by Spider January 12, 2004
7 22
Acronym for no idea. Someone asks you something and you don't know you type "ni".
<someone>Anyone know how to...
by Spider February 20, 2005
9 32