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1. A Russian Citizen that believes in Marxism, and explains it to fellow countrymen.

2. Member of the Bolshevik party, or Communist party

3. Citizen of the Soviet Union
by Spartan June 16, 2003
The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) or Military Intelligence Service 6; roughly the British equivalent of the CIA.

Also known as Her Majesty's Service; in fiction, it is the patron of James Bond.
Mi 5= FBI
Mi 6= CIA
by Spartan February 26, 2005
Liquid_Isokisok, or, as Bob (another elusive character) likes to call him, is a great story teller, and has a great sense of humor.
"Keet, what have you been doing all day?"

"I went to the market because toet, otherwise the cats can't say hello, thus, cutting them off of their big supply of SPEK, the main food on the planet"
by Spartan March 28, 2005
£1 coin
"Fancy going snegs on the bandit?"
by spartan October 20, 2003
"Another gouboir attempt at goal by Heskey"
by spartan October 20, 2003
Any scruffy idiot whose idea of a great night out is hanging around under a lamppost with a 3 litre bottle of strong cider. You know the type.
by spartan October 20, 2003
Stupid child, normally cross-eyed, illiterate and foul-mouthed
"that kid's a bit sutton"
by spartan October 20, 2003
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