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The most rockin' gang in Peoria Arizona. (Sparks, Stix, Jango, Dozer, Monk, The Face, Glover, Bum, Gnome, and Stitch)
The vipes will fuck your shit up!
by Sparks January 27, 2004
What women like to consider guys which they don't want to have sex with. Literally, 'friend withouth the f'.
She can't fix her lawnmower or work on her house, so she calls one of her riends to do it.
by Sparks October 14, 2003
Loki is also in the vipes and Gnome has been kicked out for being a bitch!
Sorry I forgot you the first time Loki, and fuck you Gnome!
by Sparks April 10, 2004
a variation of stfu, staffoo is the compressed short way of pronouncing "Shut the fuck up" out loud. recently, it has been added to all CS player's general vocabulary.
guy#1- hey, i think i have a tumor.
guy#2- staffoo!
guy#1- (hides in shame)
by sparks April 07, 2005
That time when the Boston Red Sox screwed the Yankees into the ground. That's right, their ass got beat.
Damn it, Sparks, don't wear that Boston sweatshirt! Take it off... slowly and seductively.
by Sparks March 02, 2005
Another word for Genitals
"Oh god you kicked me in the jennies and they are now shattered!
by Sparks January 27, 2004

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