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4 definitions by Spamee

an awesome state that isn't too hick-filled, but not all snotty like other states up north.
maryland is the illest state
by Spamee February 03, 2004
942 306
a mother of the jewish religion who is overly uptight, protective and complains a lot
Mom, stop making me eat. I don't need a coat. your such a jewish mother.
by spamee January 28, 2004
141 71
celebrity i'd like to fuck
kanye west
by spamee May 09, 2004
204 167
yeah, well sorry, but mtv is a good channel. welcome to 2005 bitches, tv isnt for music anymore, its for shows. want to see music videos? watch mtv2 or mtv between the hours of 2 am and 4 pm. thats plenty music right there. and the reality shows? amazing. real world, road rules, real world road rules challenge, real world road rules battle of the sexes 1 and 2, my super sweet sixteen, laguna beach, made, everything else that is right with the world. excuse me but how can a tv channel kill music? i believe that was the corruption of the music industry which essentially runs mtv. so take your whiny-ass problems to geffen and columbia and def jam and whatever. go watch some real world.
turn on mtv right now. you'll enjoy what you see.
by spamee February 21, 2005
19 285