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3 definitions by Space Cowboy

Cowboy Fuck: Enter woman from behind, wrap 1 hand around and firmly grasps breasts, Bend over and whisper in her ear " Your tits feel just like your sisters" Proceed to maintain thrust for 8 full seconds.
by Space Cowboy June 20, 2003
A dong sock is any object that is placed over a man's penis with the hope of keeping it warm and completely functional. A plethora of objects can be used as dong socks: standard tube socks, fuzzy condoms, duct tape (sticky-side-out for safety), a snake skin, or one of those furry things that you put over the driver in your golf bag.
If one was stuck in the Arctic wilderness with his best friend, and his friend died, one could cut open his abdomen and use him as a dong sock, much like Luke did with his Tauntaun on Hoth.
by Space Cowboy December 13, 2005
the act of ajusting ones genitals to optimize comfort
excuse my hand, i must adjustibate
by Space Cowboy March 06, 2003