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When a person, regardless of mental health, is so stupid, they cause hatred and discord in the work-place, and living area.

Usually used as a stubsitute for :

"Fucking Retard" or "Fucking Retarded Asshole"
"Stop talking, you fuck-tard!!! You're making my head hurt."
by Souza July 14, 2004
A five dollar bill
by Souza March 27, 2003
Someone, usually female, or feminine acting, that exhibits behavior to suggest he / she "douches"

Usually used in reference to a "pussy" or someone acting like a "pussy"

Someone so stupid, they don't even realize that "doucher" is an insult
"Dude, shut the fuck up, you fucking doucher"

"Did you see Amarosa, that kid is soooo stupid, what a doucher!'
by Souza July 14, 2004
When having to poop, and the turtle-head pokes out without your knowledge
"Man, I was running today, and I had a massive squirttle attack"
by Souza July 14, 2004

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