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a word in Spanish that means kiss in English
by Source July 08, 2003
Something false or counterfiet; fake or lame.
(Insert clever remark here)
by Source August 06, 2003
Another name for virus
OMFG my computer got infected by a Windows Update! OH NOES!
by Source November 12, 2003
A yogurt that can only be consumed by squeezing it through a tube on a skateboard.
Yo doodz dis Gogurt is xtreme.
by Source August 07, 2003
Crazy Russian dude. His Russianness is astounding.
fgalkin, you mad Russian, you drank all the vodka!
by source October 28, 2004
A person who is from Grenada, in the West Indies
by Source July 08, 2003
kind hearted, sweet, incredible, amazing, nice, caring, understanding, amazing, perfect, admirable, friendly, affectionate, amiable, appealing, attractive, beloved, charming, cherished, companionable, considerate, delightful, generous, gentle, good-humored, lovable, patient, pleasant, precious, tender,helpful, delightful, polite, thoughtful, treasured, soothing person in which contains of those qualities.
by source February 26, 2003
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