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The perceived loss of boundaries between self and environment

a possible effect of LSD, special K, shrooms, and mescaline among others
My ego death completely changed my life.
by Sourbs March 14, 2007
1) A male falcon
2) Old English slang for the male genitals
1) The tarse is responsible for hunting.
2) You are better off watching and drawing your conclusions from a distance than you would be if I got my tarse up your petticoat.
by Sourbs August 27, 2006
undefinable... can be used in place of pretty much every other adjective or noun or verb. You can hot mosh something, something or someone can be a hot mosh, and something or someone can be hot mosh.

Context clues must be used to find the meaning of the word. It is almost always used in either a postive or negative connotation depending on context, it's never just a filler.

Also, can be used when the word it's replacing needs to be ambiguous.
(n) Ever since Joe beat me at bball last week, he's been a hot mosh.

(v) Dude, you wanna hot mosh 2nite?

(a) That was a hot mosh party last night
by Sourbs December 11, 2006
Don't Even Worry About That
Mark: Did you bang that chick last night?
Chris: DEWAT
by Sourbs February 16, 2006

in which a girl is just total chill at a party... the type that don't dance. Don't drink much or do drugs. All not in a bad way, just not the center of attention.
See that girl acting all marla at the party, you'd think she'd want to party at a party, huh?
by Sourbs March 27, 2007

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