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An offshoot from black metal heavily centered in norse mythology and rituals. Viking metal is not satanic in nature because of this and deals mostly with Oden, viking warriors and of course epic battle (very cheesy stuff, but effective). The music ususally consists of more "medieval" sounding melodies mixed with the "dark" sounding minors typical of black metal.
Enslaved, Einherjer and Amon Amarth are good viking metal bands.
by Soup Bone April 14, 2005
Another way of saying something rules. Can be used directly in the place of "kick ass" or "kicks ass".
This new Slayer cd rocks ass!
by Soup Bone April 19, 2005
when the tip of your shit pokes out of your asshole,then pop it back in,Like a turtel's head poping out of it's shell.
i got to shit so bad i am turteling.
by soup bone February 05, 2008
After you take a shit and wipe your ass you think it's nice and clean only to find out theres still some more in your o ring.
I have to go wipe my muck ring .
by soup bone September 21, 2013
lift your cock and balls place on window then slide them down the window to make the elephant screach
i gave that bitch a screaching elephant while she was under the glass table.Better when done on driver side window of friends car
by soup bone February 03, 2008
When you blow your load in some chicks ass then her girlfriend slurps the jizz out of her ass with a straw.
why don't you get your straw and feltch my jizz out of her ass
by soup bone September 21, 2013
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