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A semi-fictional word made up to describe in extreme disgust those formerly referred to as creepers and stalkers. This was in response to the adoration/appreciation of certain stalkers and creepers, who felt it was necessary to create a new term for the unappreciated stalkers and creepers.

Thus, brecko.
Girl: Aww, Matt, you're my creeper. I love you.
Matt: Yes, I am pretty awesome.
Randomly appearing brecko: Yeah, get some!
Girl & Matt: ...Gawd, such a brecko.
#creeper #stalker #creepee #stalkee #secret lover
by SoulAeter September 08, 2011
The one who is being crept upon.
Pronounced similarly to 'creepy,' but with a more drawn out 'e' on the end.

Because most un-adored creepers don't actually talk to people, the creepee is usually only ever spoken of between an affectionate creeper/creepee
Girl: Aww, Matt, you're my creeper. I love you.
Matt: Aww, random girl, you're my creepee. I love you too.
#creeper #stalker #creepee #stalkee #secret lover
by SoulAeter September 10, 2011
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