3 definitions by Sophsterinnitg

Defined by Russell Howard as 'when someone sticks their finger down someones throat mid yawn'

Usually causes coughing in the victim
'Omg I was yawning in Law when that guy next to me totally yawn raped me'

by Sophsterinnitg January 22, 2009
An area of Warrington, Cheshire which is known for chavs and George Sampson. There are three villages in this are known as: Lockies (Locking Stumps), Gorsey (Gorse Covert) and Oakwood. It is by the M62 leading to Manchester.
'You going Birchwood tonight mate?'

'I'm from Lockies mate'
by SophsterinnitG January 22, 2009
A singer who rose to fame in the late nineties early noughties, she fell from grace in 2006/2007 after a very public meltdown but after a complete makeover and a stint in rehab she i back on top form
'Omg Britney Spears's Circus album is fab'
by Sophsterinnitg January 22, 2009

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