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A gorse is a mythical creature located in the depths of Greek mythology. It is half gay man half gay horse. Since its discovery it has no become both an effective insult and an adjective. Generally it refers to something negative or crap.
"Look at Ben he's such a Gorse"
"Why so gorsey today?"
by beanodolphy April 02, 2009
A bush famous for its bright golden/yellow petals and floral covering of the countryside.
Sam says "That is a beutiful bush! What is it?"
Rob replies "That's a Gorse bush!"
Sam says "Wow how golden in the sun shine!"
by Rob D Harrison June 08, 2005
All kinds of gross.

Entirely disgusting.
OMG u like ur sister, that's gorse.
by my_sex August 18, 2004
Office sport played with a putter, a golf ball and a paper cup
The office was perfect for Gorse due to the spacing of the carpet squares.
by Gorser April 20, 2010
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