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4 definitions by Someonesomeoneelse

A hot, innocent girl with perky +2s and a Brazilian wax.
First guy, "Yo, did she put out last night?"

Second guy, "Nah man, she's such a Molly Green. I don't care though, she's fukin' hot! Can't wait to tap THAT!"

First guy, "Hear hear!"
by Someonesomeoneelse December 23, 2008
Closely related to a molly green but blond.
First girl: I'm a Molly Green!

Second girl: You can't be, since Molly Greens are brunettes!

First girl: Well call me an Anna Green and get me some highlights!
by someonesomeoneelse March 29, 2009
A fake medical condition wherein the sufferer has parasitic worms living in their anus, giving them permanent "duck-face" in photographs.
Guy 1: "What's with all the kissy faces girls have in photos?"

Guy 2: "They must have a case of Anal Lichties.
by Someonesomeoneelse January 31, 2012
Another way of calling someone a tight-ass. Having Anal Lichties means you act like you have a stick up your ass all the time.
Guy 1: "I was trying to hit on this girl last night, but her friend was so rude, and wouldn't let us talk alone."

Guy 2: "Sounds like the friend had a case of Anal Lichties."
by Someonesomeoneelse January 31, 2012