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10 definitions by Some Girl

Pronounced "hent eye" but with the "t" sound on the "eye" syllable. Just find a could Japanese text book for clarity.

In Japan this word just means pervert. And is never used to incdicate a genre. To indicate the erotic genre they use "etchi" or "ero." And something they write etchi as the letter "H." Hentai never refers to a genre or a naughty picture. Hentai also means transformation, metamorphosis, abnormality, or formation.

The phrase 'hentai video' wouldn't be used in Japan.

Outside of Japan, it refers to both "pervert" and anime with strong sexual themes. Nudity is NOT hentai. Just simple nudity would be etchi. When something sexual is depicted it's the hentai genre.
Japanese usage: "She thinks I'm a hentai!" (Well, if this were said in Japanese...)

English usage: "I got a cable modem so I can download hentai faster!"
by some girl August 16, 2003
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full of hottt boysss

ais sophomore class approves you
"woahh hes FINEEEE"
"yeahh he goes to EA"
"yeah i can tell..."
by some girl April 18, 2005
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A word made up from bad Japanese translations of the word "Amazonesu." It's a combination of the word Amazon which refers to female warriors. And the suffix -ess which indicates female. So Amazoness is like saying "female Amazon" which means "female female warrior." I'm not quite sure why the Japanese use the word Amazonesu sometimes and Amazon other times. Unless it has something to do with Japanese not having plural words so they feel free to switch between the plural and singular. I believe Amazones is the plural of Amazon in Greek, but I'm not sure. It would probably be best to translate Amazonesu as Amazon or Amazons.
Have you ever seen the movie Amazoness in White?
by some girl August 16, 2003
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an abbreviation for alcohol or alcoholic
person 1: back the fuck off you alco!
alco: no you aren't
by some girl August 18, 2004
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a 6'-4" 340 lb. giant
by some girl October 20, 2003
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The primary high school in West Linn, Oregon. It's also a synonym for "cultural wasteland". Most of its students are egotistical, affluenza-affected fucktards who would spend their college funds on Abercrombie and iPods if they could. And despite it's educational performance, a lot of students have questionable intelligence. Oh yeah, and if you aren't out getting wasted frequently, you're basically a nobody.
WLHS Girl: What does "caucasian" mean?
by Some Girl December 22, 2004
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The world's biggest bitch! She likes to dream about Brian Horner, while making up pointless high school bullshit with her best friend Jen. She is the biggest whore ever, and soesn't even have a clue that nobody else likes her.
If Sherry was as hot as she thinks she is...why do you think that Brian cheated on her in the first place.
by some girl July 25, 2004
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