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Lady Sovereign is a UK "Grime" artist. As many who have seen her and/or heard her music, her target listeners are chavs and her lyrics represent this with such memorable lines such as:
"You was staring at me like to say i was ginger"
And who can forget:
"I was dishing out out the same dirty looks trust me your the minger"

Aside from these mindblowingly thoughtful lyrics, her background is as to be expected. Born in 1987, she was raised in the ChalkHill Estates, a set of Council House flats. As for qualifications, she is significantly lacking...any.
A fine selection of Lyrics from Lady Sovereign's song "Sad Ass Stripah"

You was born in a caravan,
That don't make you ghetto
I seen more ghetto in posh spice's stelleto
You chat like a blonde but i swear your a brunette
When's your carrer endin'?


Jenny from da block more like jenny from a flock of pidgeons
What class A drug did they put in it?
Chicken- all spazin out in the video like you're trippin'
Incase your mum gave birth while she was strippin'
Shuka Shake, shake the brake your hips and fall out of your caravan right into a ditch, bitch!
#lady soverign #crap #grime #slapper #rap
by SnipaMasta May 04, 2006
A word which is majorativly used by retards in CounterStrike - although it's use has unfortunatly spread to other FPS (First Person Shooter) games.

It means someone who gets 'lucky'. It is used mostly in situation where a person, considering themselves to be the best on the server (or at least better than the player he just got wasted by) says "Lucker!!!!". It can also be used as an incorrect replacement for "Lucky".
*1337 killed Phe33r with USP*
Ph33r : lol lucker


*1337 killed Phe33r with USP*
Ph33r : lol u got lucker
#counter strike #fps #luck #skill #1337
by SnipaMasta December 28, 2005
A woman who can't think up their own opinions, such as fasion and music. Usually has to get brag about getting drunk on the weekend, and then boast about it for the following week. Generally wears what's 'cool' and frequently has meaningless sex and constantly brags how uncool other people are because they aren't as freakin' shallow as them.
May also be interested in celebrity gossip, as they cannot find another reason for their meaningless existance.
Girl 1: Oh my god, have you seen those new boots?
Girl 2: Yeah, I hate them, but this magazine, "SlutZ" says they're cool, so I'm going to buy them.
Man 1: You moronic, Opinionless bitches. DIE!
*Pulls out shotgun and empties both barrels in the girls' faces*
by SnipaMasta May 09, 2005
An .NFO main use is to contain information about a certian computer system. Users can save their computer specification as a .NFO and share with others - usually for technical support reasons.

It is also used with pirate software packages by groups such as 'Paradox' who consider an .nfo as a way of being elite. If opened in notepad, the file is a simple text file, usually containing an ASCII logo, the software piraters name and the serial number to the package.
Paradox: Yes! We use .NFO's ! Everyone knows we mean business!
#paradox #cracks #warez #nfo #hack
by SnipaMasta January 08, 2006
Arctic Warfare Police sniper rifle; can be chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester) .338 Laupa (8.60x70mm), .300 Win Mag., or 7mm Rem. Mag.

British-made; uses the common Mauser action; has an effective range of 800m for .308 variants and 1100+ meters for magnum varians. Despite what ignorant people think, the AW Police does NOT fire .338 Laupa; it actually fires a 7.62x51mm round (.308). It has a magazine capacity of 5+1 rounds. It is used by the Swedes, the German Bundeswehr, and of course, the Brits.

Commonly known as the 'Noob' weapon of the popular Half Life Modification, Counter Strike, due to it's excessive damage. This reflects the rifle's use in real life - as the real life weapon is a magnum (think a long range Desert Eagle), meaning it is extremely powerful. Blocked on many servers due to idiotic admins that can't face losing a game.
H4XOR: LOL u awp noob stop using the awp
SnipaMasta: It's a weapon, get over it
H4X0R: omg looooooooooooooooooooooooooool
by SnipaMasta August 04, 2005
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