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When thangs are so gay that it is like a bomb of gayness went off.
Holy gaybomb, that dude was gay.
by SnickersBars4YrButt January 02, 2008
1. A term used to describe a person, usually female, who is quite the lesbian.

2. A term that is useful when describing situations that are both lesbian-like and electronic.
1. Wow, Tina was so lesbiatronic when she discreetly touched that other chick's boob.

2. "This beat is, this beat is, this beat is lesbiatronic!"
by SnickersBars4YrButt January 10, 2008
An alternate spelling and pronunciation of the word "chest" coming from that time someone landed on the community chest in monopoly and someone else squealed "Lard jaysus das' not da community chesh again ish i'?"
"Vroom, vvroom, dash da community chesh!"
by SnickersBars4YrButt January 02, 2008
Someone who is extremely absent of social graces, so much so that it is fun to watch... might have something to do with the city of Mallorca in Spain.
"My math teacher farted in class again today, she is such a dorkus malorkus."
by SnickersBars4YrButt January 02, 2008
1. Usually noun or verb: An all encompassing term used in place of a swear word such as suck, fuck, and cock or any combination of the three, probably started as a Freudian slip.

2. Noun: Filth-, decay-, dirt-, or grime-like substance, probably stemming from the words scum or scuz and usually but not necessarily pertaining to sexual or reproductive organs. Possible origin includes high school kids in Eastern Newfoundland some time between 2002 and 2006.

3. Adjective: any sensation causing short term physical discomfort, malaise, or disarray.
1. "Skux you, bitch" or "Damn girl you are such a skux"

2. "There was a huge build up of skux on the prostitute's testicles."

3. "The next morning Mary was very hung over and felt very skuxxy."
by SnickersBars4YrButt January 02, 2008

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