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2 definitions by SnatchThisUp

(n) an ass that is so mammoth in proportions that it looks as if it could do the work of a tractor and plow a field.

(adj) describing a person who often makes so much of an ass of themselves, bringing them along is as laborious as plowing a field.
(N) wow, Gina needs to lay off the fried chicken, she's getting a real tractor ass.

(adj) Fuckin' A, i dont want to bring Ted, he's such a tractor ass.
by SnatchThisUp June 15, 2007
A bra; where chicks park their boobs before they come out to play.
Oh snap, I had a helluva time getting Jenny's nipple parking lot off, but once I did, it was good times!
by SnatchThisUp June 15, 2007