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When seventh graders claim to be "dating." The biggest joke in the world. I mean, seriously. People have to make them hug.
Person 1: "I hear Brad is dating Rachel."

Person 2: "Really?"

Person 1: "Yeah, and John made them hug. It was so embarrassing!"

Person 2: "Oh, I forgot, they're sevie dating."
by Smyke April 16, 2010
Used after another word in a friendly fashion but to denote that you couldn't care less about what they're doing and are just saying it to get something that you want, often donuts.
You be, like, my friend-shizzy! (steal donut)
by Smyke April 11, 2010
What immature teenagers say as a comeback to everything, often accompanied by "in bed" or "last night"
Person 1: That was fun.

Person 2: Your mom was fun. In bed. Last night.

Person 1: That concert took, like, three hours!

Person 2: Your mom took, like, three hours. In bed. Last night.

Person 1: What's that supposed to mean?

Person 2: Your mom!

Person 1: Huh?
by Smyke April 19, 2010

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