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4 definitions by Smitty3

An old death-trap of a car.
Old giant cars made of solid American steel. Rock-solid dashboards, a lot of glass, with or without seatbelts. Referenced in the Brian Setzer song, Drive Like Lightning (Crash Like Thunder). I scared the daylights out of your mom when I took her for a ride in my Detroit Casket.
by Smitty3 August 30, 2007
Intercourse and oral sex.
Like the KISS song says, "Your man is working hard, he's worth a deuce!"
by Smitty3 August 30, 2007
To have sex with a girl and then dump her. Synonym: Rail and Bail.
Your mom is hot, but she's a total bitch. I'll just doink and broom her.
by Smitty3 August 30, 2007
A Sports Orgy. Seeing several sports events in a short period of time.
Next weekend, we're having a sporgy. We're going to see the Red Wings, the Wolverines and the Tigers!
by Smitty3 August 30, 2007