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A hell hot chik ...gives u da buttaflies...
'man shes hot'
'yeah thats keira knightley'
by Smith May 01, 2004
Ulster slang: to be unfair to you or if someone has said something to someone that you feel he is being hard done by.
"he's so fly!", "thats fly as fuck!"
by smith March 24, 2005
A piece of smelly shit lying on a carpet.
damnit! i just stepped in a rug rat!
by smith July 27, 2004
A demented porn zealot with a big shoe and a Napoleon complex. See Todd.
My pseudovisor at work was a punk-ass lawn gnome.
by Smith November 20, 2003
1.Person who digs holes, eats oatmeal, and occasionally puts oatmeal in these holes as a sacrafice.
2. Dumbass, light skinned, tall, skinny person.
1. Chris is a quaker.
2. Chris is a quaker who cream slammed his own mom.
by smith June 17, 2004
Any individual to whom the following axioms apply:

1.) Not height/weight proportional (see fatty)
2.) Unable (or unwilling) to bathe themselves on a regular basis
3.) Live eight months out of the year in a pathetic, perverse, slug-like, and anti-social haze that involves playing copious amounts of fantasy role-playing games, whining about the lack of a current renaissance festival, and casting spells on those who do possess some semblance of social normality.
4.) Works for an ISP.
VanCleve shot down the rennie in dial-up that invited him to her pagan love circle at the Renaissance Festival.
by Smith November 19, 2003
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