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The legendary Skyline GT-R engine that was built of the R31 SKyline RB20DE. A wikid engine that can floor any bogans in a Holden.
Whatca Got Unda Da Hood Bro?
Yo man, ive got a RB26DETT
by Smith May 01, 2004
n00b, the n00b, gets pwn3d
brian murray is a n00b
by smith December 13, 2004
A person carrying this name posses no java programming skills what so ever.
That Jeremy Sills is a big retard.
by Smith September 08, 2003
n 1. A Blunt object used to knock out unsuspecting females by smacking them in the forehead.
n 2. Dave Irwins Penis
v. After jizzing on her face make sure to use the monstrosity to put her ass to sleep.
n. I swear the monstrosity was not hard in smith's pool.
by Smith March 17, 2005
best team in the nfl, end of story
the pats killed the panthers in the superbowl
by Smith August 15, 2004
1. An orphaned Newark, NY, beat cop who was recruited by a government organization that doesn't exist by being framed for a murder he didn't commit and sent to an electric chair that didn't work. He is now the current reigning master of sinanju, trained by Chuin the Humble.

2. A pale piece of pig's ear.

3. Russian acronym for the phrase "Ruin everything in moscow overnight"

4. Shiva the destroyer, shatterer of worlds. Made whole by the master of Sinanju.
1. CURE's enforcement arm is Remo.

2. Remo: "What do you call a pale piece of pigs ear?"
Chuin: "You. hehehe."

3. Remo was spray painted all over the Kremlin.
by Smith August 15, 2003
A homosexual, much like jaxxor and Van Cleve.
my $fargot = 'Van Cleve';

if($fargot == 'Van Cleve')
print('Van Cleve is a fargot.');
by Smith December 17, 2004

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