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A bitch ass rapper that has short term memory loss and has to ask other people his name. Also slows his voice so he doesn't sound like such a bitch.
Hay Mike Jones
You dumbass.
by Smartrep February 21, 2006
One of the most skill requiring forms of music ever. It is, by far, the most difficult style to perfect.
(I'd like to see metal bands come up with words ON THE SPOT)
Rap spawned in the 70's, and was later killed by fags like Pow wow (Paul Wall has a difficult time pronouncing his name), Mike Jones, 50 cent, Lil Jon, and most modern rappers.
If you think that rap is all sex and drugs (just like heavy metal) listen to REAL rap, not these fags today.
And stop saying Retards Attempting Poetry, cause i'd like to see any other form of music make up words while performing.
You like rap
I'm not gay
Oh, hell ya.
by Smartrep February 21, 2006
a thin, short latino person. Fast-talking and hard workin'.
I've got some cheeto's in the trunk.
by Smartrep February 21, 2006

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