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also see liquid kids
mommy whats that white stuff on your chin

its scrotum sauce honey. its very good for you
by Slump June 17, 2004
a sport where a female gracefully hugs a penis with her lips and mouth. she then bobs up and down until she she lands upon the scrotum sauce. this sport is popular for males to experience. also know as skull
"We're here live in Slumps room where bobbing for scrotum sauce is taking place. So Slump what is the name of this contestant whos face is stuck to your penis, I dont want to interupt her"

"I dont know. But she's really doing a good job."

(in a muffled voice)"My name is Monique"

"Dont talk your ruining it....ah ah ahhhhhhh!!..."

"There you have it folks another successful outing in the wonderful sport of bobbing for scrotum sauce. Tune in tomorrow when 6 more contestants step up to the plate."

"For Bob Bohnson this is Bent Tonsil saying so long; and remember ladies liquid kids their grrrreat!!
by Slump June 21, 2004
see also scrotum sauce
that bitch took all of my liquid kids after she gave me skull
by Slump June 17, 2004
telling a sloppy slut to go floss her teeth
Rob: I thaught that bitch Sasha had gaps

Slump: She does. i just left some of my liquid kids in between her teeth after she gave me skull last night.

Rob: That bitch is nasty. She aint wash it out. WTF

Slump: Yo Sasha

Sasha: Yes daddy

Slump: GO FLOSS BITCH!!! Get my kids from in between your teeth.

Sasha: Ok hold on.
by Slump June 19, 2004
the act of a female massaging the penis orally
that bitch gave me skull last night
by Slump June 17, 2004
your head
look bitch you keep talkin that shit imma rock you on your think tank and have your snot box leakin
by Slump June 18, 2004
the act of taking a shit
Man, i copped a squat last night so bad i cant sit on my ass
by Slump June 17, 2004

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