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A guy, usually in his 30's or 40's, with a high impression of himself and how he is perceived, who talks of cougars and bagging chicks and sleeps with women indiscriminately.

A male in his 30's and 40's, generally with an overly high opinion of himself, who is in the singles scene

A balding unattractive male who is critical of a woman's appearance

An aging party boy who sleeps with women indiscriminately

A second or third-tier manwhore - a player wannabee who was never come close to being a player.

An unnattractive man who seeks unnattractive women based upon money or status.
He is such a pigolo, he's after that hag. Gross!

That pigolo wants me to set him up with my model friend, but look at him. Is exercise in his vocabulary?

He thinks he's such a player, but he'll always be a pigolo

How could he brag about going home with the seamstress. He's SUCH a pigolo
by Slummo November 05, 2011
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