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Main Entry: la•zi as syn•drome

Pronunciation: \ˈlā-zē\ \ˈas\ \‘sin•drōm\

Function: noun

Etymology: LAZY from Middle Low German lasich feeble, ASS Middle English ars, ers, from Old English ærs, ears, Greek orrhos buttocks, and SYNDROME from from Greek syndromē combination, syndrome, from syn- + dramein to run — more at dromedary

Date: 21st century

Variant of Lazy Ass Syndrome: L.A.S.

1. a group of signs and symptoms that occur together and characterize a person who is disinclined to activity or exertion when they have no reason to be so disinclined
Ex 1: a lazy child, tween, teen, or adult who jumped onto an electric motorized shopping cart when they really did not have a need to making it hard for those with actual disabilities to effectively use it

Ex 2: a person who sits in one place such as a couch or car not getting up and requiring someone to bring them things when they clearly have the ability and strength to get it themselves.

Sample Sentence:
Ex 1 Sample Sentance: Did you see that group of children with LAZY ASS SYNDROME, they were racing through the store on those cart thingies.

Ex 2 Sample Sentence: Man Joe really has L.A.S. he has not left his desk at work for hours and keeps calling people in to bring him crap.
by SlaughterbeckK December 02, 2010
Main Entry: 2hid•e•my

Pronunciation: \ˈhīd-ə-mē\
Function: noun

Inflected Form(s): plural 2hid•e•mies
Etymology: Hide from Middle English hiden, from Old English hȳdan; akin to Greek keuthein to conceal and Enemy from Middle English enemi, from Anglo-French, from Latin inimicus, from in- 1in- + amicus friend
Date: 21st century

1 : to put out of sight one that is antagonistic or an opponent.
2 : to evade a frenemy on Facebook by hiding them so you do not see their comments
Ex 1: My hidemy, Jane talks too much about how she is going to get my promotion, I always keep her out of my sight.
Ex 2: I pressed the hide comment button on Joe, he is one of my many hidemies.
by SlaughterbeckK August 17, 2010
Main Entry: vag•noog•er

Pronunciation: noun \vag•nu̇-gər\ plural \vag•nu̇-gərs\

Function: noun

Etymology: From the combination of vagina and booger; vagina from Latin, literally, sheath First Known Use: 1682 and booger from alteration of English dialect buggard, boggart, from 1bug + -ard First Known Use: 1866

Date: 21st century

Variant of Vagnooger: Vagnoogie.


1: a canal in a female mammal that leads from the uterus to the external orifice of the genital canal with wet or dried nasal mucus
Ex 1: a pregnant woman has vagnoogers when she is getting ready for the birth of her child.

Sample Sentence:

Ex 1 Sample Sentence: Honey, I have vagnoogers coming out of me, we maybe having a baby tonight.
by SlaughterbeckK January 22, 2011
Main Entry: cookatude
Pronunciation: \ˈku̇k-uh-tüd
Function: verb

Etymology: Hood English, from Old English cōc, from Latin coquus, from coquere to cook; akin to Old English āfigen fried, Greek pessein to cook and French, from Italian attitudine, literally, aptitude, from Late Latin aptitudin-, aptitudo fitness — more at aptitude
1 : a person who prepares food for eating in a badass way
2 : a position assumed for the specific purpose of cooking
Ex 1: Woah, Bobby Flay got his butt wooped cause that person he faced on Throw Down has cookatude.

Ex 2: That person stands so tall when he is in the kitchen he truly has cookatude.
by SlaughterbeckK August 07, 2010

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