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4 definitions by SlaughterbeckK

Main Entry: la•zi as syn•drome

Pronunciation: \ˈlā-zē\ \ˈas\ \‘sin•drōm\

Function: noun

Etymology: LAZY from Middle Low German lasich feeble, ASS Middle English ars, ers, from Old English ærs, ears, Greek orrhos buttocks, and SYNDROME from from Greek syndromē combination, syndrome, from syn- + dramein to run — more at dromedary

Date: 21st century

Variant of Lazy Ass Syndrome: L.A.S.

1. a group of signs and symptoms that occur together and characterize a person who is disinclined to activity or exertion when they have no reason to be so disinclined
Ex 1: a lazy child, tween, teen, or adult who jumped onto an electric motorized shopping cart when they really did not have a need to making it hard for those with actual disabilities to effectively use it

Ex 2: a person who sits in one place such as a couch or car not getting up and requiring someone to bring them things when they clearly have the ability and strength to get it themselves.

Sample Sentence:
Ex 1 Sample Sentance: Did you see that group of children with LAZY ASS SYNDROME, they were racing through the store on those cart thingies.

Ex 2 Sample Sentence: Man Joe really has L.A.S. he has not left his desk at work for hours and keeps calling people in to bring him crap.
by SlaughterbeckK December 02, 2010
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Main Entry: 2hid•e•my

Pronunciation: \ˈhīd-ə-mē\
Function: noun

Inflected Form(s): plural 2hid•e•mies
Etymology: Hide from Middle English hiden, from Old English hȳdan; akin to Greek keuthein to conceal and Enemy from Middle English enemi, from Anglo-French, from Latin inimicus, from in- 1in- + amicus friend
Date: 21st century

1 : to put out of sight one that is antagonistic or an opponent.
2 : to evade a frenemy on Facebook by hiding them so you do not see their comments
Ex 1: My hidemy, Jane talks too much about how she is going to get my promotion, I always keep her out of my sight.
Ex 2: I pressed the hide comment button on Joe, he is one of my many hidemies.
by SlaughterbeckK August 17, 2010
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Main Entry: vag•noog•er

Pronunciation: noun \vag•nu̇-gər\ plural \vag•nu̇-gərs\

Function: noun

Etymology: From the combination of vagina and booger; vagina from Latin, literally, sheath First Known Use: 1682 and booger from alteration of English dialect buggard, boggart, from 1bug + -ard First Known Use: 1866

Date: 21st century

Variant of Vagnooger: Vagnoogie.


1: a canal in a female mammal that leads from the uterus to the external orifice of the genital canal with wet or dried nasal mucus
Ex 1: a pregnant woman has vagnoogers when she is getting ready for the birth of her child.

Sample Sentence:

Ex 1 Sample Sentence: Honey, I have vagnoogers coming out of me, we maybe having a baby tonight.
by SlaughterbeckK January 22, 2011
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Main Entry: cookatude
Pronunciation: \ˈku̇k-uh-tüd
Function: verb

Etymology: Hood English, from Old English cōc, from Latin coquus, from coquere to cook; akin to Old English āfigen fried, Greek pessein to cook and French, from Italian attitudine, literally, aptitude, from Late Latin aptitudin-, aptitudo fitness — more at aptitude
1 : a person who prepares food for eating in a badass way
2 : a position assumed for the specific purpose of cooking
Ex 1: Woah, Bobby Flay got his butt wooped cause that person he faced on Throw Down has cookatude.

Ex 2: That person stands so tall when he is in the kitchen he truly has cookatude.
by SlaughterbeckK August 07, 2010
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