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Some one who looks good and is buff

Someone you find attractive
---> Dat boi is a noog ting!

---> Chantel looked so noog 2day that all da brehs were staring at her!
by EAST November 04, 2005
Testicles or sac. originated in the bronx.
Suck noogs.
by Egglands Best March 31, 2009
agreement or positive status/classification.

short for snoogans (Kevin Smith reference) see also: na noog
"That ride is noog."
Mom: "have you cleaned your room yet"
You: "noog"
by downer June 29, 2003
1) a tiny goon
2) the reverse of the word goon with the same meaning
3) A tiny person who is uncoordinated, dumb, and laughs like Tom Cordell
4) A person whose laugh is Ne-Ne-Ne-Ne-Ne
That person is a noog
by Christian Gallo March 29, 2005
When someone takes your backpack, removes the contents, flips the backpack inside out, and puts back in the contents. Afterwards the backpack is often stapled shut along the zipper. Other ways to keep it shut is to put a paperclip between the zippers on the inside. In the most extreme cases, the backpack is buried underground or sealed in a metal box.
I just nooged Tylers backpack with duct tape!
by theantidote December 17, 2004
A part of the males lower extremities used for the "mating" purposes and adult pleasure. Also relates to the "chode" region of the body. Usually associated with a smaller size "tally wacker". Approach these areas with extreme caution.
My that is a small noog you have there. Or, my what a hairy noog.
by Jacob P. James September 07, 2003
a person who likes to noogle
by Simon Trollope February 26, 2003