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Main Entry: 2hid•e•my

Pronunciation: \ˈhīd-ə-mē\
Function: noun

Inflected Form(s): plural 2hid•e•mies
Etymology: Hide from Middle English hiden, from Old English hȳdan; akin to Greek keuthein to conceal and Enemy from Middle English enemi, from Anglo-French, from Latin inimicus, from in- 1in- + amicus friend
Date: 21st century

1 : to put out of sight one that is antagonistic or an opponent.
2 : to evade a frenemy on Facebook by hiding them so you do not see their comments
Ex 1: My hidemy, Jane talks too much about how she is going to get my promotion, I always keep her out of my sight.
Ex 2: I pressed the hide comment button on Joe, he is one of my many hidemies.
by SlaughterbeckK August 17, 2010

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