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10 definitions by Slag

"bukkake" - the involvement of multiple males spanking their monkeys and spreading their muck over a willing female (please note: man fat is not a subsitute for the RDA of protein)
"Pam you know your friend that love the bukkake? What's her number again?"
by slag March 26, 2005
Interjection commonly used after a person has been insulted, disgraced, or humiliated. Derived from the phrase "in your face."

See also: Foice, Fish, pHacR.
"Last night I got pulled over for tipping."
by slag March 30, 2004
A gathering of three or more people around a computer.
Chompsky says, "When we were down at the 'net caffe we saw this nard owningat a game so we gathered around and gang dorked his deck.
by Slag November 28, 2004
One who masters the art and science of technology. A techie that stands heads and shoulders above the rest.
It is incomprehensible how Loibisch was able to achieve such a level of integration and efficiency, while making this so intuitive for the end user - he is truly a TechMaster :o
by Slag October 10, 2004
Variation of Face. Usually pronounced in a manner quicker than that of Face, and often spoken at random or inappropriate times. Used as an interjection.
"Foice! You get a cup!"
by slag March 30, 2004
Variation of face, most often used when a person's partially full aluminum can containing a beverage is squeezed. The two most severe cases of being "fished" are when the can tears and liquid begins flowing out of a hole in the side; or, the can is nearly full at the time of being "fished," so that it overflows and liquid spills out the opening on the top. Fish can be used as either and interjection or a verb.
"Whoa, you just got fished!"
by slag March 30, 2004
Internet misspelling of Face, used as an interjection. Never to be pronounced in the real world, however.
"taht link wwent to tubgirl.com u peice of shti!!!1 u siad i git a funy joek site??/"
"pHacR!!1 you are such a nub!!!1"
by slag March 30, 2004