a very, very sexy geek of the female sex.
Go to Mirabellia.net and you'll be at her site.

Mel The Geek Queen!
by pseudonym_here June 11, 2004
A female geek
"I cyber banged that geekstress up and down the chat boards ;-)"
by SKudd June 11, 2004
stress induced by entering into an argument which is simultaneously too geeky to sustain with any vigour for days, and is also too frustrating to remove oneself from due to the fact that you have grown to hate the nerd you are arguing with. Usually these confrontations will take place over discussion forums. The symptoms of geek stress mainly include a resentment of family members, and a lack of appetite.
day 13 of "technically a b# is not the same as a c" on musiciansforum.com
by Dubya June 10, 2004

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