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Contraction of breakfast and lunch, usually occurring around the hour of 11 a.m. Typically reserved for snobs and biddies who like tea and jam.
"Muffy, would you care for a bit of brunch after tennis? I can make reservations at the Forsythia Garden Tea House."

"Splendid. Do."
by Skizzle April 04, 2004
Foo dang is a term used by the rapper Anybody Killa (ABK), and juggalos, to define someone being a damn fool.
"Why you tryin to play me foo dang, just cuz I wanna let my nuts hang." - Anybody Killa, "Foo Dang"- Hatchet Warrior
by Skizzle January 03, 2005
Used to describe a woman who is down on life, tired looking, or has had one too many sex partners.
"I hadnt seen her in years, she looks absolutely beat now"

"Aileen in the movie 'Monster' was beat"

"She looks hella beat man, rode hard and hung out to dry"
by Skizzle February 23, 2004
An excuse for rednecks to take off their shirts and drink pabst blue ribbon while watching a bunch of overpaid pussies to turn left a billion times.
Instead of fucking my sister, I think I'll go to the Nascar race today.
by skizzle March 12, 2003
A word commonly used for describing the taste and/or look of shitty ass commercial weed that has more stems and seeds than bud.
"It isn't poop, is it? If it is, put that shit way."
by Skizzle January 03, 2005
only the best place in the world
where are u going this summer
camp of course!
by skizzle February 11, 2005
A bitch-ass move. A mean thing to do to someone. Something really bad. Something that sucks.
"That was really stale of that bitch to fuck you over like that."
by Skizzle January 03, 2005
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