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A game that takes quite a chunk of space out of your computer, amounting it to nothing by the time the fourth expansion comes out. If your compy has the specs to run it, you'll have a reasonably fun time.
I spend more time downloading crap for my sims than playing it.
I've downloaded so much I can't even play anymore.
by Skin-Nerd July 17, 2005
The coolest email service. Ever.
It doesn't kill of Hotmail only, it kills off all of the email services. If you don't have it, get an invite or you'll make yourself look like a dick.
I have a bazillion Gmail invites.
by Skin-Nerd July 17, 2005
The web browser equivalent of trying not to get mugged in Newark, New Jersey.
Firefox = The shit
IE = The suck
by Skin-Nerd July 25, 2005
One of the stpuidest words ever made up to describe a person aged 10-13. Another word for the space between the anus and genitals, you would rather want to be walking around labeled as a "Pube." Another word for tween is tweenager.

Wow, that's pretty damn clever.
by Skin-Nerd January 09, 2006
The very hot co-host of Attack of the Show.
It was cool how Sarah called Kevin a stupid newbie.
by Skin-Nerd July 17, 2005
The best candy ever.
First it's candy, then it's GUM!
by Skin-Nerd July 17, 2005
The person who made the worst career move of all time, which was starring in The Pacifier.
And be sure to catch Arnold Schwarzenegger in his new movie, Love Care Bear Needs A Bodyguard.
by Skin-Nerd July 17, 2005
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