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Beer and tang.
"Beer and tang? You're making Bundy Mimosas!" - Al Bundy, Married with Children.
by Skeezer1991 March 07, 2009
Since punk began, a poser could be defined variously as somebody who thinks Avril Lavigne is "punk," goes to Warped Tour to see Yellowcard while ignoring The Damned, is straight-edge for all the wrong reasons, identifies as punk but is scared of the pit, listens to emo convinced that men with slicked-down bangs and lyrics about trivial high school crushes are huge emotional dramas, etc etc... While the term is useful in delineating false punks from those who truly make the effort to live a DIY lifestyle, ultimately, EVERYBODY is a poser, especially anyone who preaches tolerance while judging what's punk and what's not, makes arbitrary judgments based on a zine's recommendation, or god forbid, looks up punk terms online.
Get real, poser!
by Skeezer1991 May 10, 2009
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