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The act of laying a fart on both sides of a person, rendering them immobile and doomed. Can be used as noun or verb. This derives from the action in the video game Bomberman, of laying a bomb on one side of your opponent, running to the other side and laying another one, trapping them between.
#1: Oh dude, I just Bomberman'd Nancy.

#2: Bro, you better not try to pull a Bomberman on me again.
by Skazu March 03, 2010
Used as an exclamation when noting an obvious or moronic error in judgment. Usually suggesting complete unworkability. Also used to designate a situation one tries to take advantage of, where there is no actual advantage to be had.
#1: "I really thought my new pet snake and my hamster would get along. Well, I guess you can't milk a horse."

#2: Jerry - "So I tried to milk this horse and well... you know what they say: 'You can't milk a horse'."

#3: Fred - "I just tried to hit on Nancy at her ex's funeral, but ya can't milk a horse."

#4: "I invested $8,000,000 on the new line of Pogs, but goddam: Ya can't milk a horse!"
by Skazu March 03, 2010
To fart, burp, sneeze, cough, laugh, hiccup, piss and shart at the same time. The arms, when executed properly, will flap uncontrollably, and one is normally flung about 5 meters backward by the act. Scientists believe that if done hard enough, a skazu will cause the implosion of the universe.

Derivation: Imitative
#1: Dude! I just Skazu'd all over the office!

#2: I live every day in fear of the day that Chuck Norris Skazu's.

#3: Everything was going fine on our date last night... up until the point I Skazu'd on Nancy's chest!

#4: Robert: Hey John, how's it going? I really liked tha-tha-th-thaaaSKAZUUUU!!!!!
by Skazu March 03, 2010

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